Uncommon Clearly UN Deflector Case for iPhone 5 Review

It’s becoming more and more difficult to impress us with a clever iPhone 5 case design, but Uncommon has managed to do so with their latest Uncommon Clearly UN Deflector Case series. These cases utilize their special 3DClearPrint technology. This tech lets your iPhone rock a neat design while still letting you see through to your iPhone’s birthday suit.

We can’t help but think of the Uncommon Permafrost UN Deflector Case as offering the best of both worlds – you get to choose a colorful and fun design, but the design is transparent enough to let your iPhone’s naturally good looks shine through. That means that you can still see the iPhone’s Apple logo and aluminum unibody design behind the case’s design.

We also appreciate that the case offers a truly ultra slim fit, so that it doesn’t make your iPhone 5 feel bulky, nor does it weigh it down very much. Furthermore, the front-side of the case extends past the iPhone’s 5 display just enough to provide it with front-facing protection from drops. The case’s design is also pretty easy to snap on and off, more so than many other iPhone 5 cases out there.


All in all, Uncommon’s Permafrost UN Deflector Case series is one of our most favorite iPhone 5 case series. Uncommon has put together a selection of fun and colorful designs to choose from, and thanks to their 3DClearPrint Technology, not only do these designs create a neat look, but your iPhone’s natural aesthetics still gets to shine through. We also love that the case offers ample protection while still offering a slim fit. Uncommon’s ClearlyUN Deflector Case retails for $39.95, and while that is a bit pricer than most iPhone 5 cases, we think it’s worth it.

The Good: Clever design lets the Apple logo come through, colorful choice of fun and creative patterns and designs to choose from, slim fit, offers ample protection

The Bad: A bit pricey