AquaTunes is a Fish Aquarium with an MP3 Player

aquatunesAquaTunes touts itself as the only aquarium with a built-in mp3 player, which, sure. I mean, at what point do you not get to use the “only” tag? I’m just not sure how much back-patting should really be involved with this kind of exclusivity.  But this is certainly a new and innovative fish tank compared to the others we have seen over the years.


Anyway, that’s what it is. An aquarium for your fish buddies that also plays your tunes. By default, it plays soothing nature music which wouldn’t be bad for anyone involved, including the fish. But, you can also put on your own music and pump that up, and I don’t know how fish are going to react to hours of Justin Bieber or Slayer or Garth Brooks or whatever you listen to. After a while, even Darla from Finding Nemo might start looking pretty good to those poor guys.

Adventures in turning fish into music fans will commence on September 1, when AquaTunes swims its way into Petco stores.



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