Beauty Station is a Must Have For the Multitasking Fashionista

Ladies, this one is for you! The march of the bamboo Apple accessories continues. Not too long ago it was a cutting board, and now it’s the Beauty Station. Just like the cutting board is used for multiple purposes at times. It’s latest iteration is even more handy!

The Beauty Station is a fine looking organizer for your cosmetics and cosmetics accessories, constructed completely out of bamboo. It even has a small mirror with a matching bamboo frame, so you don’t have to use your own mirror and lose style points. It can also be a dock for, well, just about anything. The charger cable slot and the groove in the surface looks designed for a 30-pin iPad, but you can fit pretty much any tablet or smartphone into the slot and be good to go. It looks like there’s enough room to fit both a tablet and a smartphone, if you want to.

It’s not huge, but there is enough space here to fit most of the application tools and cosmetics products that you would use on a day-to-day basis. The Kickstarter has already been successfully Kickstarted, but you can still pitch in $109 to get the Beauty Station, the mirror, and a three-word engraving on the Beauty Station, if you want.

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