Chrome Bravo Bag Begs to be Seen at Night

bravo_night_city_1The Chrome Bravo Bag is already worth getting just so you can have a cavern strapped to your back. Add in a little nighttime safety for bicyclists, and you have a certified winner.

The Chrome Bravo Night Bag stays inconspicuously black during the day, but transforms at night, as reflective material takes over and makes sure everyone else on the road knows you’re there and that you’re wearing a Chrome bag. Other than that, you can expect a massive 20L backpack that can be expanded to fit a whopping 40L of stuff. I just hope you can still keep your balance while wearing this thing.

Inside, there’s a padded laptop sleeve that fits anything 15” or below. That will take care of any shocks, but you won’t have to worry about the weather, either – both the front and main compartments are lined with waterproof material. Outside, there’s a cross-compression strap for anything awkwardly shaped that will take up too much room in the main pack, like a helmet or a wheel set.

Long story short, if you have cargo to haul and you’re going to be using a bicycle to haul it, you’d do well to get the Chrome Brave Night Bag. Chrome is selling it now for $180.