Dancing Robot Toy Turns Your iPhone Into a Dancing Fool


This week in uncomfortably awkward desk toys, we have the iPhone Animation Face Dancing Robot. You have to love it when the name really does say it all.

The iAFDR, as it will hereafter be known, is a small robot that is also a dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It still puts a lot of responsibility on you, though – if you want the most out of your new iAFDR, you’ll need to take an expert big head photo, then download the FaceSing app. The robot will play music from your iDevice and dance without the app, but you’ll need the app if you want your eyes and facial expression in your picture to be animated, which you obviously do.

You can get the iAFDR in red, white, or blue. Also, according to the sales description, one of the functions of this robot is that it helps you with IQ and EQ training, which, sure, why not throw that in there. The iAFDR is selling for $30 on Brando.