HolograFX Brings Us One Step Closer to Star Wars-Style Holograms

1371154138-xlHolograFX is an ingenious little toy that got its start in France, and is just now headed to take over the United States. The cleverest part is that it uses a centuries-old lighting trick to give off the illusion of something out of Star Wars – holograms.

The holograms that show up when kids use HolograFX make it look like R2-D2 is hidden on stage somewhere. It actually uses an old magician’s trick called Pepper’s Ghost, which you can look up if you want to spoil the fun for yourself. Imagining there’s a little droid hidden somewhere is a lot more fun.

The set comes with the board you see above, plus props that allow kids to stage 18 different illusions, so it’s being sold as a magic toy. One catch to this illusion is that it requires the use of an Android or iOS app along with the props to make the holograms happen. So, it’ll take a little coordination, but the payoff should be worth it.

The main benefit of getting an app involved is that kids can go beyond just what they get in the set. The set’s illusions center around a group of sci-fi characters battling each other, but the long-lasting fun will come when kids use the app to make holograms of themselves and their friends, so they can try their best Princess Leia impression.

HolograFX can be pre-ordered now from Rockethub for $35, or you can wait until it hits stores this fall.

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