iGo Power Trip Review – A Battery Pack Done Right

We love battery packs. Mostly because Apple still hasn’t mastered the Everlasting Gobstopper of Batteries, leaving us with a quarter charge by 3PM. When out without access to a charge, the iGo PowerTrip 4700 will keep you going. It can charge an smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or even a GoPro up to three times per charge. It is cute, compact, and light, making it a great addition to your carry on when making long plane trips.

The 4700mAh lithium polymer battery serves up plenty of juice. Simply plug in your device using either the USB/Micro USB cable that is provided, or in the case of iPhones, your regular charging cord. Tap the charge button and a few blue LED lights pop up letting you know charging is happening and also serves as a percentage indicator for how much power is left in the device. If no device is connected within 12 seconds of the charge button being pushed, then it automatically turns off saving your battery. When depleted, it needs to be recharged with a USB power connection, as there is no included wall unit, although those are available as accessories.


At 110 grams, iGo’s PowerTrip weighs about the same as a smartphone,  and is just as compact. It will fit nicely in any pocket of a purse that would house a smartphone. The design is solid, not flimsy. It also comes in a choice of Charcoal, Blue, Purple, and Pink, as well as battery capacities from 3000 to 6100. The 4700 is what we tested and were quite impressed with what it could do. We highly recommend this if you are in need of a battery pack. Its independent design means you can charge any number of devices as long as they work with the USB port. For $60 this is a great long term investment into power.

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The Good: Sleek design, nice selection of color choices, provides a fast and easy charge, compatible with many devices, has LED percentage indicator lights, reasonably priced.

The Bad: No built-in cables, no built-in AC adapter for charging.