Jam Party Portable Boombox Review

Party on with Jam Party, a dual speaker wireless bluetooth boombox. This nifty looking speaker comes with a 12 hour rechargeable battery, a built-in handle, and enough sound to kick off your own mini rager.

The design of the Jam Party is fun and premium looking. It comes in four very bright flavors: Blueberry (blue), Pineapple (yellow), Watermelon (pink), and Blackberry (grey). This rectangular speaker has smoothed corners and a front face that’s almost entirely a metal speaker grill. It’s a bit larger than your average Bluetooth speaker at 7.5″ wide and 2.5″ tall. It happens to look a lot more rugged too. It’s rugged, but it looks like it could be shock proof and water resistant–it’s not.

The Jam Party is a Bluetooth speaker; it’s compatible with just about any smart phone, laptop, or tablet. It also has an auxiliary input, so there’s virtually no compatibility limit. With wireless bluetooth there’s supposed to be a 30 foot range. I found the range to be notably worse. It starts to break around 10-15 feet, especially if your music streaming device is in your pocket.

Jam Party has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 12 hours. The battery is amazing and you can potentially get even longer. If you use it here and there it feels like it lasts forever. It uses an included AC charger rather than standard USB charging.

There’s media buttons on top of this minature boombox: next track, previous track, play/pause, volume up and volume down. The buttons mesh in with the colored casing and have a nice clicky feedback when pushed. There’s two hidden features in Jam Party. There’s a handle on the top of the device that pops up when pushed. There’s also a foot on the bottom that retracts to tilt the speaker at an upward angle. These two features happen to be the cheapest feeling aspects of the device. Both are very plasticky and don’t always pull out or pop in how they’re supposed to.

The bluetooth pairing process is a piece of cake. There is no code required or special button presses. Unfortunately, my Jam Party never auto-syncs with previously synced devices, I always have to go into Bluetooth settings and repair. It’s quick but bothersome.

The audio quality is good for a portable speaker, but it’s not great. It really depends on your audio expectations. The overall audio reproduction sounds muddy. There’s not a lot of bass or clarity. It gets loud and it’s very listenable, but it’s not quite impressive on the quality front. That said, I’ve brought the Jam Party to a number of events and everyone’s happy with it.


The Jam Party Portable Boombox is another portable speaker that you would be happy to own. It has a real long battery, a usable and fun design, media buttons, and big sound. As technology nitpickers, we’ll also admit the audio quality is okay, the handle and tilt stand feel a bit cheap, the bluetooth range is really weak, and it’d be better with a USB charger. In any case, at $100 you could absolutely get your money’s worth and turn any outdoor event into a jam party. The Jam Party Portable Boombox is currently available from Amazon in four awesome colors.

The Good: Phenomenal battery, Media buttons, Built-in handle and tilt stand, Cool design, Fun colors, Rugged Build-Quality
The Bad: No Microphone for phone calls, No USB charger, Weak bluetooth range, Doesn’t remember bluetooth devices, Handle and tilt stand are plasticky

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