Kurio 4S is a Kid-Friendly iPod Touch Alternative

Techno Source has unveiled a full suite of a sign of the times, otherwise known as mobile technology made specifically for kids. Their Kurio line has been updated to include the 4S, 7S, and 10S, giving kids just about as much choice as their parents when it comes to device size.

The Kurio 4S is probably more than enough, though – a 4” device that kind of looks to be an iPod Touch for kids. Like all the other new Kurio devices, the 4S runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and an unspecified multi-core processor. It has rear- and front-facing cameras and six to eight hours of battery life. The 4S has 8 GB of storage, with a Micro SD card slot that can expand that by as much as 32 GB.

The Kurio line is more open than a lot of other kids’ devices on the market, but it still has a robust set of parental controls that should put parents’ minds at ease. Separate profiles can be made for multiple children, and each one of those profiles can be managed independently. Individual apps can be allowed or blocked. For the Web browser, you can choose to block certain websites, or, better yet, choose a select few approved websites that your kids can use. On top of that, the Kurio Genius system acts as an advanced Web filter. The device comes with suggested controls for multiple age groups, and those controls are completely customizable. With all of those controls together, you should still be able to build a solid fence within the Kurio 4S, keeping all the nasty stuff out.

But, it’s worth mentioning what the Kurio 4S actually comes with, not just what it’s keeping out. The 4S comes pre-loaded with the premium versions of Angry Birds Space, iHeart Radio, Toon Goggles, Disney Storybooks, and Talking Friends, in addition to video streaming apps and educational apps. Those educational apps feature a full Preschool-6 learning system, with content that follows United States Common Core Standards. When you want to get new apps, there’s also an app store specifically for the Kurio line, which features only curated, age-appropriate apps. But, you can also allow access to other Android app stores, and apps like Netflix and Skype can be installed. Kids can be given a piggybank that they can spend at their discretion, or they can make a wishlist, which parents can review and purchase the apps they approve of.

The entire new Kurio line from Techno Source will show up in Toys’R’Us stores in August. The Kurio 4S will be $100, while the 7S and 10S will be $150 and $250, respectively.