Sodacase Creates Custom iPhone 5 Cases from Instagram Photos


Put those Instagram photos to good use with the help of Sodacase, the latest case maker to offer custom smartphone cases featuring your own personal/public photos.

You can use Sodacase’s customization tool to create your own personal hard-shell case based on a grid layout of your choosing, from one big photo to 32 little squares. On some of those squares, you’ll be able to throw on some of Sodacase’s stock patterns, if you want to break things up a little. But, mostly, you’ll want to be using your very own stuff, and Sodacase leaves things pretty open in that regard. You can use your Facebook or Instagram accounts to upload photos from those accounts, or just directly upload photos stored on your device.

Finish up your Insta-masterpiece, and you can have your brand new custom case sent to you for $35. Sodacase has cases available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Note II, the latter of which is a little more expensive, at $40. Whichever smartphone you’re rocking, you can knock off $10 by using Show2013 as a coupon code.