SOL Republic JAX In-Ear Headphones Review – Budget In-Ears That Don’t Disapoint

We can’t all afford to pay $100 for a pair of earbuds that we’ll probably lose or break. SOL Republic, a popular name in the headphone industry, has recently released an affordable pair of in-ear headphones that gives similarly priced headphones a run for their money. The SOL Republic JAX feature a tangle-free flat cable, a three-button inline ControlTalk with microphone, and serious audio quality.

The SOL Republic JAX are a lightweight pair of in-ear headphones with a fantastic cord. The cord is flat and doesn’t easily tangle. It features a three-button ControlTalk that has a microphone, volume buttons, and universal button for controlling music, phone calls, and voice activation. It works best with iPhone and iOS products, but OS compatibility will vary (volume buttons didn’t work on Galaxy Nexus, microphone may not work on Galaxy S3). The ControlTalk design is superb, it’s really easy to differentiate volume buttons from the universal button.

There’s four sizes of included silicon eartips. The earbuds are fairly standard in size and shape, though the actual design is somewhat unique with its smooth cylindrical chamber and alternating color scheme. The eartips are good quality and the headphones are pretty light, but other than that the fit is pretty standard. If you have good luck with earbuds staying in-ear you’ll be happy. If you don’t have good luck with in-ear headphones then check out their Amp in-ears that offer extra support for finicky ears.

The Jax use SOL Republic’s i2 sound engine. That may not mean a whole lot to anyone, but they sound fantastic, especially for the price point. They’re extremely clear and detailed. They’re bassy, but still balanced and not unfairly skewed towards the bassy end. The mids and highs are both crisp and well balanced. The overall audio reproduction is awesome and they’re kind to just about every music genre.


For the same price as Apple’s EarPods, you can buy yourself a pair of SOL Republic JAX in-ear headphones. Apple’s new EarPods sound great, but most will find that the JAX sound better. JAX also fit better as they actually go in-ear. With that said, some people may require an even better fit, and that’s when it’s worth paying a few dollars extra for the SOL Republic Amps. The SOL Republic JAX headphones are currently available in black/white or blue/stellar for $28.94 from Amazon.

The Good: Great sound, Really nice bass, Durable build, Awesome 3-button remote with microphone, Lightweight, Comfortable, Great price

The Bad: Not fully compatible with Android, No included carrying case/pouch

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