Superman Cape iPhone 5 Case is Cuter Than Henry Cavill

supermancaseIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an adorable iPhone 5 case! It takes a lot to impress us these days when it comes to iPhone cases, but someone out there has managed to do just that with the Superman Cape iPhone 5 Phone Case. Just in time for the Man of Steel’s theater debut, this case features a billowing red cape that is emblazoned with the yellow S symbol. The case itself is made of flexible materials and should do a pretty good job of protecting your iPhone, although it won’t make it fly, nor will it make your iPhone nearly as good looking as Henry Cavill.

And while we’re pretty sure that this isn’t an officially endorsed iPhone case, we’re pretty confident that it’s a whole lote cuter than anything that would be oficially endorsed. You can pick up the Superman Cape iPhone 5 Phone Case for $17.98.