ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel is Ready to Dry You Off


Can a towel get anymore awesome? Every once and a while something comes along that is just so amazing that you can’t simply sit around and say nothing… unless you are actually sitting on this towel.

The ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel is one such item. This towel looks very similar to a very popular portable gaming device of yesteryear, but because of licensing issues, we assume naming it the ThinkGeek Beach Boy was more practical and less costly.


The overall design of the towel is spot-on, even down to the directional cross-hairs, the red A and B buttons, and monochrome display. Besides, who needs a smartphone or tablet with them at the beach, when you can wrap yourself in a towel inspired by one of the greatest portable gaming devices ever made?

Eat that Kindle.

The ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel retails for $19.99 and is available now. I’ll take 5 please.

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