TYLT Lightning Battery Pack Review

There are way too many external battery packs on the market now, many of which look the same. Fortunately TYLT’s PowerPlant offers a unique design and feature set – which includes a dedicated lightning connector for convenience.

This small and rectangular battery pack measures 78 x 44 x 33mm and weighs just 5.4oz. The Powerplant holds a battery capacity of 5,200mAh, and considering its proportions, it’s one of the smaller battery packs we have seen to tout this big a capacity. Plus with its glossy black exterior, it’s quite attractive. The Powerplant also comes with a built-in FLEX charging arm with Apple Lightning connector. This feature is super convenient because it means that you don’t have remember to bring along a lightning cable with you to charge your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The FLEX charging arm is also strong and secure. In addition, the Powerplant has a USB port for connecting just about any other smartphone or portable device for charging.

The Powerplant is also able to charge two devices at once. Some other convenient features include 4 convenient LED battery level indicator lights, which helps you understand what percentage of power is left in the device. The Powerplant also features automatic shut-off, and it’s able to retain a single charge for up to one year – so you can leave it in your bag for emergencies, and not have to stress about whether or not it’s still holding a charge.


TYLT’s Powerplant battery pack is one smartly designed battery pack, it’s also well made and well constructed, yet still quite compact in size for a battery pack oferring such a big capacity. To that effect, the 5,200mAh that the TYLT provides offers enough power to charge your iPhone 5 back up about 3.5 times. All in all, the TYLT Powerplant is one of our favorite battery packs, and one that we won’t be leaving home without. And for those of you not using a Lightning device, there are two other versions of the Powerplant available – one with a dedicated 30 pin connector for iPhone 4/4S, and one with a dedicated micro USB connector. TYLT’s Powerplant Portable Battery Pack retails for $89.

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The Good: More compact than most battery charges with similar capacities, features convenient built-in lightning connector – so no cables required, features a battery level indicator, also packs in USB charging port, can charge two devices at once, design is quite stylish for a battery pack

 The Bad: A bit pricey, takes several hours to fully charge