Win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Smartphone!

send-from-InstaTextFree-iPhone_iPad-App-508x508The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an amazing phone, which is why it would be such a shame to accidentally destroy it during your summer travels. Fortunately, Samsung has come out with a special tougher and waterproof version of the S4, called the S4 Active. An exclusive with AT&T, this phone is ready to handle a trip to the beach and even a few drops along the way. You can check out our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

And to celebrate summer, and AT&T’s new Mobile Share plans, we’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active! So go ahead and enter below to win!

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  1. Would love this new version because I currently own the S3 and love it. Sadly it already has a cracked screen and is not waterproof like this new baby. Would love to have this indestructible phone 🙂

  2. I need this because i live on the beach and am constantly out near water and have already ruined 2 phones previously.!!

  3. I would love this phone because today was one of the worst days i could imagine. im struggling with money. I currently have a flip phone cause i broke my s3. While at the gym today (to blow off some stress) things got worse. I accidently dropped a weight on my boyfriends galaxy s4 active.. smashed the whole screen in! of course im one of the only people who could possibly break a waterproof (practically drop proof) phone. while it even has a case on it. If i won this phone it would make my year, it may even make my life so much better

  4. I still have my S2 (got it the first day it debuted in the USA) but would love to sport the S4. Yours Truly, Another Android Fan Girl

  5. I teach in an elementary school. Do you have any idea how many things have spilled on my desk? Ewwww. My phone needs protection!

  6. I need this phone because my son dropped my phone and it has a cracked screen and I can’t upgrade for over a year without it costing my an arm and a leg.

  7. I’d love to win this Samsung GS4 Active, just because my RAZR sucks. And I’m not even talking about a DROID RAZR. I’m still using a flip phone RAZR T_T

  8. I need this because I have never owned a smart phone! I’ve been making due with asking friends to google directions or look up movie times! It would be awesome to be able to do all that stuff myself! AND Tweet AND take pics! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  9. I will really love to win this S4 Active because I never own any Samsung S series and will like to experience my 1st, also my last phone fell in water and died so this should be an ideal phone for me 🙂

  10. I would love the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for my husband. He works in infrastructure and has run over his phones with machinery, they have fallen into puddles of water and the list goes on. Thank you for the opportunity =]

  11. I would love to be able to use my phone without thinking about whether my hands are wet or dirty

  12. I would LOVE to win because I’m still using a flip phone! *gasp* I know I know. I need to upgrade pronto! Thanks so much 🙂

  13. I need it because there is no object in the world that I can’t break – most frequently while also injuring myself.

  14. I need this Samsung Galaxy S4 Active because I have two kids under 3. I don’t think I need to say any more beyond that.

  15. I would love to get this phone. Struggling with money problems and my constant clumsiness, it would just be amazing to have!

  16. I would like to win this active Samsung so I could surprise my mom that works really hard 6 days a week delivering flowers and is always out in the streets driving and walking alot whether it rains or shines. I admire her for her dedication and hard work and she could get great use out of this waterproof phone. That would put a smile on her face 🙂

  17. I would really think the s4 active will come in handy because s3 is easily breakable and I need a phone strong and sturdy

  18. My husband just got one and keeps bragging about its awesome-osity. I need one to shut him up! 🙂

  19. I’ve never owned and Android device and what time better than now. It’s basically a life proofed phone. Please let my use a phone with a 5 in 1080p display. I’m just a broke college kid.

  20. never had a samsung always wanted an s4 wish to have one and want to experience having a waterproof phone and the best it has to offer 🙂

  21. The samsung Galaxy S4 is awesome! A waterproof version is beyond my imagination. Luckily Samsung have done that for me and now chipchick are offering me the chance to win the ultimate phone! If I knew what to say I would be typing it here, but right now I am so speechless and I just really want to grasp this opportunity! Hopefully I will win. Unlikely.. Very unlikely, but if someone has already made the unfathomable phone i’m pretty sure ChipChick can make the unfathomable prize!

    Come on guys – SHARE SHARE SHARE

  22. I’m looking forward and interested in its features. I don’t have any samsung galaxy phones 🙁 I want to experience using this. So, please, I want one 🙁

  23. I wod love an s4 because my husband doesnt have a smartphone and his birthday and our anniversary is coming up and I’d love to give him one.

  24. I need a Samsung Galaxy 4 Active because as a project manager I need a “stylish” pocketable phone for the office that is able to handle some dust at the jobsite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. i need this phone because I need an upgrade. My phone is 3 years old and cannot do all the things this S4 can do. I would love to win!

  26. I need to win this to give to my son. He is extremely hard on his phones being an active college student and this would be ideal for him. Thank you for the chance!

  27. well this is an awesome phone , smartphone of course. though i am in a need of a major upgrade and winning this phone would be great, let me pray to the Samsung galaxy gods. really- yes i am fore sure.

  28. i wish i can win these phone because my phone is not water proof and i really like how to phone looks like

  29. Because I live in a house of busy bodies who don’t know how to leave my stuff alone. My phone is always getting dropped, kicked, tossed.. I need a phone that can hold its own with my lifestyle..

  30. My current phone is old and slow and many of the features do not work mainly wi-fi and bluetooth IPHONE SUX

  31. I need the Galaxy s4 because I DO drop my phone and it has on occasion been in peril of getting wet.

  32. I have kids that love to use my phone. This would be perfect and I would be less paranoid when they use it. I have the S3 and love it so this would be an amazing upgrade Thanks for the giveaway!!

  33. A S4 will mean the odds of my dropping and breaking my phone on the bus will be cut by 100%! Thanks.

  34. I’m clumsy and have dropped my phone many times. Had to get a phone case for it, but I don’t like it. So the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active would be perfect for me

  35. I would love The Samsung Active S4 because im still stuck with an LG Vortex and i desperately need an upgrade

  36. I too own an S3 and realized after dropping it twice today that I’ve morphed out of the “carry like a porcelain doll” stage. This bodes ill. I think I’m gonna need a tougher phone like the Galaxy Active S4.

  37. I need the S4 Active because I am a very active person and I usually go through at least 2 phones a year!

  38. I would put this to good use to replace an very much older phone, and would love the opportunity to try such a reputable product I love samsung products period.