Dell Latitude 7000 Ultrabook is an IT Department’s Dream

Members of the business world need to get acquainted with the Dell Latitude 7000 ultrabook, a brand-new notebook that should make both the users and IT happy – the ultimate office win-win.

The ultrabook will be pretty standard in terms of basics – three pounds, runs on a 4th generation Intel core processor (up to i7), and has Windows 8. The intriguing part here is all the security and enterprise software you’ll find on board. First, there’s a unified system that handles encryption, advanced authentication, and malware protection, which carries a FIPS 140-2 (level 3) certification. For the IT staff, the Latitude 7000 features Intel vPro with extensions specific to Dell, along with tools that work with Microsoft System Center and Dell KACE. Those Dell extensions on Intel vPro allow for remote hard drive wipes and remote BIOS management. And, the notebook still works with older Latitude docks that you might have.

It’s also built for durability, made of aluminum with a tri-metal chassis and Corning Gorilla Glass NBT on the display. If that wasn’t enough protection, there are also StrikeZOne shock absorbers, free-fall detection, and rubber hard-drive isolation to protect data from being lost in case of a fall. The keyboard and display are both spill-proof, as well, so you won’t have any morning coffee tragedies. You’ll also get WiGig wireless docking, so you can use some peripherals and displays without wires.

The Dell Latitude 7000 series is available now, and starts at $1,049. On September 12, Dell will be releasing the touchscreen models of the Latitude 7000.

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