Griffin PowerDock 5 Review

It’s a common problem in the modern household, there are multiple devices lying around with multiple chargers. The result is a disorganized mess near outlets and everywhere else around your home. Griffin’s PowerDock 5 aims to change all of that by allowing you to safely charge and store up to 5 devices at once – all from a single power source.

We have previously reviewed other charging station solutions, but they all used propriety charging tips, and they also couldn’t accommodate an iPad which requires more power. The PowerDock on the other hand is powerful enough to charge even multiple tablets at once. Also, its design uses USB ports to charge your device. That means you can plug in just about any device’s USB cable into the PowerDock, without having to worry about compatibility issues, and you can mix and match as desired. The downside to this system however, is that you need to bring your own cables.

The PowerDock’s design is quite smart and compact considering it is able to hold 5 devices at once. The charging bay accomplishes this by using plastic dividers to keep each device upright on its side. As a matter of fact, there is enough room to not only accommodate your smartphone and tablets, but they can all fit in, even with their cases on. The PowerDock 5 is also international ready and comes with international adapters.

Our biggest gripe with the PowerDock is that cables aren’t included. While we do appreciate the ability to mix and match our own USB cables as needed, $99.99 is a steep price tag to have to bring your own cables too. That said, if you’re not using your own cables that are already laying around, you might want to consider buying shorter microUSB and lightning cables that can be found easily on Amazon and eBay.


Despite some gripes, the PowerDock 5 has become a staple on our desk, and we can easily see it becoming a staple in many people’s homes. We also really like the device’s compact design and appreciate its ability to charge so many devices at once – even tablets! So if you’re looking to reorganize your countertop and keep your gadgets nice and tidy, and can look past the price tag, the PowerDock 5 is a great choice.

Buy it!

The Good: Can charge up to 5 devices at once – including iPad and tablets, keeps your devices organized, international ready with international adapters

The Bad: No cables included, pricey, no power switch