Qvit Lets You Try Clothes Online – Before You Buy

image001It’s become the go-to caveat for online shopping – yeah, but you can’t try anything on. And, as the world goes, a group of entrepreneurs has seen that caveat and turned it into an opportunity.

Qvit is a new shopping website and service that allows you to try clothes on before you buy – no trips to the dressing room required. Instead, you’ll create an account on Qvit, and enter a series of body measurements that you might need a friend to help you take (the website will have a full tutorial). What you’ll get is an avatar with your body shape. Then, when you look at garments on the website, you’ll be able to see what they look like on the avatar, to get an idea of whether or not they’ll fit you well.

Besides that, there’s a Transparency Application that makes the garments transparent, so you can get a visual sense of how far away the clothes are from the body. If that doesn’t cut it, there’s the Color Palette Application. You’ll get a kind of infrared-looking view of your avatar, with red spots indicating extreme tightness, and green spots indicating areas where the garment will be more than an inch from the body.

Their business model is also pretty interesting. Instead of working with individual stores, Qvit is its own store, working with individual brands and designers. At launch, they’ll feature more than 80 different men’s and women’s designers.

Qvit will launch on September 2, and it will be free to create an account and avatar. Clothes will start at $25.

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