Speck HandyShell for iPad Mini Review

I’ve always been weary of iPad cases without a front cover, until I met the Speck HandyShell for iPad Mini–the most usable case I’ve ever used. The HandyShell is a formfitting iPad case that has an extremely sturdy handle/stand. With the HandyShell there’s no fiddling around to get the perfect viewing angle. You can literally view iPad at any angle within seconds–it’s beautiful!

The HandyShell for iPad Mini is a lightweight case made of plastic and rubber. The back is plastic and the sides/bezel are rubber. It’s a perfect fit for iPad Mini and barely adds any bulk. There’s raised edges all the way around iPads face and durable corners that help keep iPad protected even when laying face down. There are rubberized button overlays and perfectly sized cutouts for all ports.

On the back of the HandyShell is a built-in stand which comes close to falling flush with the case. The stand, or arm, has a sturdy and stiff hinge. It extends outwards 180 degrees and the looped handle can technically be used to hang iPad on a hook. While the main use of the arm is to stand iPad, it’s been fabulously convenient just for holding in-hand or showcasing iPad for others to see. The looped handle provides a nice grip.

As a stand, it’s hard to beat this. It can stand iPad Mini in portrait or landscape, and just about every angle. It’s effortless! There’s no lock on the stand, but it’s pretty sturdy. The only angle that it has trouble with is landscape typing, but the portrait typing viewing angle is perfect if you don’t mind a narrower keyboard.

The HandyShell for iPad Mini has helped me get a lot more use out of my iPad. While I like having a front cover, it hasn’t been a big deal. Instead of keeping the Mini laying on a desk, it stands…always. It’s refreshing to not have to finagle with a case just to get a mediocre standing angle. Also, portrait standing iPad cases are hard to come by. At $49.95, the Speck HandyShell for iPad Mini is an expensive case, but if you work in an office where iPad is essential, or spend a lot of time using iPad Mini, it can definitely pay for itself. The Speck HandyShell is currently available from Amazon in black/red or white/blue.

The Good: Easiest iPad Mini stand to use, Stands in lots of angles–portrait and landscape, Works nice as a handle, Very usable and convenient, Button overlays, Pretty good protection (other than no front cover)
The Bad: No front cover, Stand doesn’t recess fully into back of case, Landscape typing angle doesn’t get very low

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