You’ll Be Sure To Keep Muggers Away with The Killin It Cleaver Clutch

clever_bagYou’re worried about getting mugged at night. Fair enough. What’s one strategy to ward off potential thieves and brutes? Make yourself look more deranged and violent than anyone else on the street. Here’s a terrific way to get started.

The Killin It Cleaver Clutch, by Kreepsville 666, looks from afar like you’re toting around a bloody cleaver – it even has a cleaver handle, so when you carry it, it really does look like you’re on the prowl for your next victim. Better start practicing your best Jack Nicholson face, because you’re going to need it when you wield this thing.


Inside, there’s a small zippered pocket and three credit card slots. It looks like there’s a good amount of room in there, but over-stuffing it is totally going to ruin the look, so you’re going to have to find a balance. Outside, there’s blood. Lots and lots of blood.

The Killin It Cleaver Clutch can be your weapon of choice for $32 off Karmaloop.