Theradome’s First-Ever Laser Helmet Promises to Cure Women’s Hair Loss

hairThe world is awash in products made to fight hair loss for men. Women? Not so much. That changes with Theradome, a device made specifically to fight the kind of hair loss some women suffer from.

Right from the start, it’s awesome – it’s a laser helmet. That just sounds like something you’d want to wear, anyway. This laser helmet bombards the scalp (with lasers), targeting shrinking follicles and getting them back to a healthy size. That means Theradome both stops hair loss and fights thinning hair, making your head of hair thicker and healthier.

All you need to do is strap the helmet on, hit the on button, and wear it 20 minutes, two times a week. During clinical trials, 97 percent of users saw at least a 20 percent increase in hair, and 100 percent of users decided to keep using it, so Theradome looks to be no joke.

It could be a handy device to have, too. The paucity of options available for women to fight hair loss means that what options there are tend to be unaffordable – getting laser treatment at a clinic can run you thousands of dollars per year. Theradome, on the other hand, you can get right now for $395, and just keep using it twice a week for the foreseeable future. It’s much cheaper, and it looks like it works pretty well.

Theradome is currently taking in funding on Indiegogo (don’t worry, it’s actually already FDA approved). It’s reached its funding goal, and the first couple discounted prices are already sold out. There are sill some left at $395. Once Theradome goes retail, it’ll sell for $695.