V-Moda Masters the Boom in BoomPro [Review]

Do you use your headphones’ built-in microphone and find that it doesn’t quite cut it? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but once you compare voice clarity to Vmoda’s BoomPro, you’ll feel bad that your listeners have to listen to such a noisy and grainy version of your voice. The V-moda BoomPro is a professional-grade boom microphone and cable for over-ear and on-ear headphones. The convenient adjustable SteelFlex boom arm includes a microphone that enhances voice quality and reduces background noise. It’s essential for business calls, and awesome for gaming, skyping, recording, and just shooting the breeze with friends and family.

The BoomPro is a kevlar reinforced cable audio cable with a boom microphone and volume controls attached. The cable’s plugs are completely standard: regular 3.5mm plug on the top and the same on the bottom, but with the standard notch for microphone capability. The boom mic is at the top of the cable with volume controls and a clip a little lower down.

At 79 inches long, BoomPro certainly has a long cable. There’s a cord tie if you’re on the move, but if you’re sitting at a desk it’s really convenient to have some extra slack. V-Moda always goes for the best which is probably why there’s 24k gold plated plugs.

Unfortunately, for a cable with built-in microphone, there’s no track controls or universal button for controlling phone calls, music and voice activation. On the bright side there’s a volume dial and mute switch. The volume is independent from your phone or laptop volume.

The SteelFlex Arm can be easily adjusted and positioned to best suit your voice. It also happens to make you look like a phone operator or NASA control. With the BoomPro, you’re basically guaranteed a better experience than talking directly into the handset or using an inline microphone. The audio clarity is noticeable. It’s great for your listeners, but it’s also amazing for recording podcasts and audio. For applications like Skype, it’s nice to let your internet bandwidth deal with just your voice and not all the noise behind it.

The V-Moda BoomPro is compatible with most headphones that have a removable headphone cable. Some popular headphones include V-Moda’s Crossfades, Beats Studio, Monster Inspiration/DNA, or SkullCandy Aviator/Hesh. It’s compatible with just about any phone/tablet/laptop that supports headphones with microphones: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows phone, Macbooks. There’s a Y-adapter that splits the cable into a separate headphone and microphone plug–great for the computer. There’s even a 60 day test drive guarantee in case it doesn’t work.

At $30.00, V-Moda’s BoomPro can be an easily justifiable purchase. It may be what you need to become the next YouTube sensation! The V-Moda BoomPro is currently available from Amazon.com

The Good: Makes you sound awesome, Comfortable, Adjustable, Volume control and mute switch built in, Long and durable cable, Compatible with various headphones, 60-day test drive guarantee, Included Y-Adapter for computer compatibility

The Bad: No audio controls or universal button