Win the Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook for Back to School!

screenshot_1460Back to school time is just around the corner, which can be pretty depressing. But we’re going to help make the start of the school year more enjoyable, and your life a lot easier, with a new Intel-inspired 2 in 1 device. That is because we’re giving away a Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook. This versatile device offers a laptop form factor with a neat tablet mode. But the Dell XPS Duo 12 is just one of the many new Intel-inspired 2 in 1 devices that are designed to be a perfect fit in the classroom, and with your lifestyle. As a matter of fact, Intel has put together a helpful Back-to-School Buying Guide for 2013 which shows off some of their latest 2 in 1 devices.

There are several ways to enter to win the Dell XPS 12 below, but you’ll get the most points by leaving a comment telling us what your 2 in 1 lifestyle is and how a 2 in 1 device would help you (or someone in your life) for back-to-school. So don’t forget to check out the Back-to-School Buying Guide for ideas!

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  1. Well, I like minimalism and I like streamlining my life. If I can have ONE thing that does two things — like this — which would be perfect for WORK and play, I would be one happy geek.

    I do a lot of work in Office, but I also love watching movies. The iPad is alright, but I want something with a keyboard. I want the power of a PC. I want a tablet when I want it. The Dell XPS 12 sounds ideal.

  2. I need a laptop that can actually use Photoshop and play games at the same time. The Dell XPS 12 will be perfect

  3. My 2 in 1 life is trying to be a teacher and a daughter to my elderly father. A 2 in 1 device would help me keep on top of both, and ease the time crunch I continually feel.

  4. My laprop is ancient and could use for school and work- as for now I use it when I am out but have to find an outlet because it just does not hold a charge- its 6 plus years and 5th battery- My 2 in one is actually many in one both mom and dad to my kids-worker and player

  5. My 2 in 1 lifestyle involves streaming content and browsing the web. A 2 in 1 device would help me for back-to-school, by having the best of productivity and entertainment right at my fingertips.

  6. My son is the one who best explained the 2 in 1 lifestyle:

    In tablet mode, you quickly keep up with your lifestyle (mail, posts, music, games, etc) and the laptop mode is for getting real work done (homework, papers, etc).

    He’s going into High School in the fall and really wanted the XPS12 but I couldn’t afford it and got him a Surface RT. If I could win this my as Dad/god would be cemented (and my younger son would get the Surface)!!!

  7. This would definitely help me seamlessly switch from working on various presentations to just sitting back and enjoying myself when I’m not working. And it would replace my laptop that’s currently being held up by duct tape (wish this was a joke).

  8. I want this for my husband. He has a two hour commute every day (each way) and won’t buy himself anything other than his cell phone for entertainment/productivity. He keeps buying *me* new computers and taking my old ones. It would be awesome for this selfless man to have something that was his very own from day one.

  9. 2 in 1 lifestyle is managing work and home life. I could use the device at work, then in the car to occupy me while waiting to pickup my kids, then hand over to my kids so that they can explore and play games. In the evenings I can search for and make great recipes in the kitchen with ease! At night, I can relax and watch a movie in bed.

  10. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is being a mom and being my own boss. I love them both and they go hand in hand for me sometimes. Having something like this would make my life more organized in such an easier way.

  11. I’m an IT manager and a soccer coach. I need a machine that can handle presentations to the board room and the 8 yr olds running on the grass field.

  12. the little guy needs it for his homework his teacher always always give him tons of home work and he would need his own laptop in order to do his online help classwork this laptop is perfect for him

  13. As a busy mom, and attorney, I always have work to do. Shifting from a laptop to a tablet would be great for when my hands are full, I can still work. The portability would allow me to take my work into the courtroom.

  14. It just makes sense to have and use one piece of technology that can be used several different ways depending on what you are doing.

  15. I am going to school and working this would help me be able to multitask and do some of my school work at home.

  16. My 2 in 1 lifestyle would involve heavily on me and my kids. With the different lifestyles we live this would be perfect to keep them separate. We could use the laptop around the house and the tablet on the go.

  17. My 2 in 1 lifestyle would involve heavily on me and my kids. With the new laptop, I would help keep the family’s different lifestyles separate. While keeping peace with everyone. The laptop feature would be taken advantage of more at home, while the tablet version would be extremely helpful during vacations. This would be a great fit in my household.

  18. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is a dad and a computer programmer; sometimes I have my hands full and need a tablet, but sometimes I need the speed of a keyboard!

  19. m 2 in one lifestyle is being a Customer Service Rep, and taking care of at least 3 dogs most days.

  20. My niece is the 2 in 1 person;she loves to play and create things on the computer AND she likes to draw on the driveway.So creative.

  21. My two in one lifestyle is work and home, like most people. I need something portable and reliable so I am always connected in the most versatile way. A PC is the most versatile and easiest way to work and play.

  22. I’m a full time event planner and part time blogger, working and writing on an old 2006 Dell Inspiron. I love my laptop, but it has lived. The tablet is perfect for quick note taking during meetings or while jotting down ideas for a post, and the full keyboard is ideal for emailing clients, writing full posts or general life activities. This is the best thing, and from Dell? I know it will last for many years to come!

  23. I’m a student. So this device would be perfect for me. I will be using the tablet mode for light work and entertainment such as checking emails, web browsing, music, videos, gaming, and what not. The laptop mode will be used for heavy work that requires or easier on a full PC environment which would be mainly school work. So yeah I hope I win this as it would be a great device to get my hands on. Thanks so mcuh!

  24. I’m a student and I take care of my parents. A 2-in-1 device could help me with schoolwork and keep me entertained in my down time.

  25. A convertible laptop will let me do PC work and on my downtime, keep me entertained with games and videos. Thanks!

  26. I would love this for on the go and to play awesome games and apps on. This is great prize to win for back to school and a perfect high quality can do it all laptop! Would be so cool to win this thanks for the amazing chance

  27. my husband would love this – he has been looking at replacing his netbook – he could use this while relaxing – work and play so awesome for the 2 in 1

  28. I need another computer to use since my other one is ancient and I like that I can take it on the go.

  29. Being a college students, this 2 in 1 device would really help me bigtime for all the school works, browsing, and surfing the net. It is really a necessity for every individual. My parents cant really afford to buy a new one just for me, so I kept on using our desktop pc which is used by everyone in the house 24/7. Having this Dell Ultrabook, it will be a life changing experience 😉

  30. I have 3 girls one in college, and one going into High school, and one in Middle school. Projects need to be done, papers need to written, and just one computer in the house is not enough.

  31. My 2 in 1 life is trying to be everything to my spouse, my grandchildren, and still do my crafting design with just a desktop. This would be a true blessing and allow me much needed mobility.

  32. My 2-in-1 lifestyle consists of being a mommy and a manager of mine and my husband’s businesses at home. This ultrabook would be perfect for our crazy, busy, yet fun lifestyle.

  33. My 2-in-1 lifestyle is being a weekend freelance graphic designer (or warrior, if you will), traveling to meet clients and learn more about brand goals, and a weekday 9-to-5 (or 8) office cuber looking to progress my career in hopes that I will be able to someday travel the world doing something cool.

  34. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is traveling and getting work done. I travel for both business and leisure, but I always have work to do. Sometimes it’s difficult to get things done if you don’t have the proper tools to do it. This Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook would certainly help me be productive on days like these. I love the versatility that the XPS 12 offers!

  35. i am a hard working woman climbing the corporate ladder and Mom at home trying to make it work. My life needs as many 2 in 1 products as it can get. Something thats great for the kid but also what i need to get my work done

  36. In our case we have separate but common needs for the Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook. My wife, a teacher, requires the power/memory of a laptop for data entry to spreadsheets and lesson plans. I have simpler needs. I need the capability to maintain the functioning of our tablets and smartphones via OS updating and data backup. I can visualize us flipping and swiveling the Dell at the kitchen table for our different tasks.

  37. I do a lot of photography and I want a laptop with photoshop and one thats also good for gaming!The Dell XPS 12 sounds ideal.

  38. I bought the Lenovo Yoga and have had nothing but problems… Sent in in for repair three times…. I should have bought the Dell XPS, but I blew $1000 on Lenovo… I could use this win!! Thanks!

  39. 2 in 1 ? I am more of a 10 in 1 person, an extreme multi-tasker when at home and on the go. Back to School for me is Real Estate School, and then afterwards I will need a device that can allow me to assist clients. The flip monitor is perfect for when I am at a table or desk researching properties and then flipping the screen over so the clients can see what I want to show them. The 2 in 1 Dell XPS 12 is perfect for tabletop/desktop, in the car, or in tight spaces.

  40. Nice… this is a really good… my son dropped water on my current laptop so if i win i save some $$ for something else…..hope i win…….

  41. I would love a 2 in one because I like to have just a few things that can multi-task. I can be more mobile that way

  42. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is Mom and Teacher to my kids. The 2 in 1 device would help my kids with school work, and recreation!

  43. I use my laptop for notes and ebooks. It would be great to have the keyboard out for notes and then be able to flip it around for books. It might also be easier to use for notes in tablet mode in classes that are in auditoriums. I’m a broke college kid. Help me out and send some tech my way please.

  44. This would be perfect for my son. He likes to stream music while he is doing his class work. As a busy college student he would be more mobile with this Ultrabook.

  45. i am tired of lugging around a 17″ laptop. The weight and size are not condusiive to working on an airplane. I would love the ultrabook to make my life in office and on the road a whole lot better!

  46. I don’t even own a laptop–so, it’s kind of hard for me to even imagine one device doing two things! My youngest daughter is starting college in the Fall and my son is switching high schools, so I think winning this Ultrabook would be fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. it would help my daughter she’s always on the go and with work and study i dont no how she keep;s it together

  48. this would help her since she does two things at once a student and a worker it would help her manage her schedule

  49. I’m a father and a gamer so with the Dell XPS 12 I can still game while be active in my daughters life.

  50. As a writer I need to be able to quickly jot down ideas no matter where I’m at. The XPS 12 would definitely fit the bill. As a father I can use it to take photos of my children or look up something real quick online, like the nearest pizza joint, or museum.

  51. I have work to get done, I am a working mother but I also like to write. A 2 in 1 device would help me find quick and healthy recipes while in the kitchen, medical advice when someone gets a scrap or a bruise, then could transform into a extension of my mind when I type all my ideas for stories. The portability and different modes would make its uses invaluable. A 2 in 1 device would uncomplicate my sometimes complicated life.

  52. Ooo, I’d love to win this! I’ve been experimenting with Win8 convertibles, and from what I’ve read and researched, this one is the one to get!

    I’d use it in combo at work in my technology consulting job business to business, and use it at home with my daughter for games and videos.

  53. Well, This would definitely help me in school, I would get more work done, and be more productive in my life. I would also be more organized. Winning this would mean a lot to me.

    This TabPC Would also be great for gaming, and plus I would be able to give my mom a new computer, because I won’t be needing more than one. She needs this as well so she can return to school and get an even to an even higher level in her medical career.

    And Lastly. I Love windows 8 and this blog. So winning something from them is so confidence lifting and empowering even though I understand that this sweepstakes could be filled with randomly chosen winners.

  54. My 2 In 1 Lifestyle Is My Being A Stay At Home Working Mom/ A Full Time Student. I Could Keep Connected With Family And Friend While Pursuing A Degree On The Go. I Could Also Keep My Family’s Schedule Organized.

  55. Life is all about finding pleasure in work.. so that is like 2 in 1. Getting school work done and being entertained is ideal. I would use office and the internet for school and music apps for entertainment.

  56. My two in one lifestyle is Husband/Friend.this ultra book will help me as most of my friends live away and I could talk to them on skype/play some games with them.Also sometimes me our the wifey have to leave town for a few days for work so with this laptop we would be able to face chat/talk on skype so I wouldn’t have to go a day without seeing her beautiful face 🙂

  57. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is working as a caregiver by day and then taking care of my family at night! This device would help out everyone in my family with school and work. That is, if we can learn to share it!

  58. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is very literally two things in one, I will be attending dalhousie this year while taking sciences along with arts, and the dell xps 12 was going to be coming out of the school fund until I had seen this contest and will hopefully be able to avoid breaking the bank while being able to use the convenient note taking laptop for sciences and the also convenient tablet to follow along with presentations and keep up in school

  59. My two in one lifestyle consists of balancing being “mommy” and just being “danni”, as best I can. It’s not always easy to keep my pre-mom perspective but if I could stream line my tablet/desktop time it sure would help. I hate switching from the table to the big computer but its so necessary without a keyboard and full functions.

  60. Im a graphic designer and a full-time driver. The Dell XPS 12 would be great for my downtime at my job and I have a whole lot of down time.

  61. my girlfriend is constantly doing two things at once. she definitely needs to streamline with a tablet that acts as much more.

  62. My 2 in 1 lifestyle includes being a wife and mom, and a student and full time employee. Oh, and I blog too! lol I’m getting ready to go back to school in January and could really use the Dell XPS 12! My kids play games online, I will be studying and writing, my kids will be doing the same! I also like playing with photoshop and watching movies online. So… this would be the perfect device for work and entertainment purposes. I love the fact that it spins and twists… at first I thought it might be just a little too hip for me, but got past that idea pretty quick! lol Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I’m the annoying answer person and learning and teaching what I pick up and read even if no one asks me any questions. I could use a 2 in 1 device to help me find more information and respond more quickly.

  64. I do a lot of hardcore photo editing so I really like a laptop for that, but I love to enter contests and browse twitter on the couch and a laptop is just cumbersome for that.

  65. My 2 in 1 lifestyle would be a balance between work, or shall I say looking for work, and helping out my family at home. This 2 in 1 computer would be perfect for me, allow me that personal business look, and the downtime when I want to have fun, I can use the computer for such purposes. The Dell XPS 12 looks amazing.

  66. This would be great for me going back to college finally. I need to be able to email & take notes and write up papers. My current computer is starting to crap out on me and to have an ultra book would be ultra awesome!

  67. busy Mom and scrapbooker. 2 in 1 would help me keep up with kids’ school stuff and doing my digital scrapbooking

  68. My life and my kids’ lives. They love to use the latest tech for school and personal stuff and I love to use it for work and personal stuff

  69. My son is going to college next year, this would be perfect. I do bookkeeping for a business and I’m a mother of 4. Always busy.

  70. The slider could be used as a standard laptop and if you need to go somewhere without having to fold it and such, you can just turn it into a tablet and carry it that way as you walk to class.

  71. I moved my office into my house before Hurricane Sandy. My computers are used for work during the day until my son comes home from school and then its time for homework. When hes done I use it for personal time. I don’t have a laptop anymore (it flooded) but if I had one back again I could sit on the couch and watch tv while going thru work emails – efficient and easy. thanks for the chance

  72. I balance work with taking care of my family. I like to find ways to save time and money and this would help a lot.

  73. I would love this to give to a friend who lost most of her stuff in a hurricane last year it would be a great surprise and help to her for managing school and activities on the go with her 2 children

  74. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is a student and rad tech. This would help me on the go and then be perfect to use at home at my desk or on the couch!

  75. I guess I have the ordinary one, Part mom, part employee, part wife, part student. Having everything handy is such a timesaver.

  76. My 2 in 1 life is my work and taking care of my kids. I could use this for work and my kids could use it for school

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  77. My 2 in 1 lifestyle is a homemaker and blogger. A 2 in 1 device would make my life easier because I would be able to stay organized and write blog posts.

  78. I’m so thrilled that I won! My prize arrived the day before I left on a trip. When I returned home, my son was using the new computer! Just as you had intended (for back-to-school)
    Thank you again for the fabulous prize!

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