Brenthaven BX2 Holster DSLR Camera Bag Review

What do you require from a DSLR camera bag? Comfort, weight and style are all key elements that we found with Brenthaven’s BX2 Holster DSLR camera bag. This bag offers full-on protection for your precious in all terrains, and the rugged design combines style with security.

We really like the bag’s charcoal color, and the black and grey accents are very appealing too. Furthermore, the holster style provides a feeling of security, and the thick material is extremely durable, handling knocks and bumps well. That said, although the bag is pretty large, it is significantly smaller than many other DSLR bags on the market. The design itself offers many ways to wear it, from slung over the shoulder to around the wrist. The BX2 is comfortable to tote around on a day trip for casual shooting. It weighs a pound but feels like less.  The color also helps it blend into a city setting without drawing attention to yourself.

It’s clear that Brenthaven has really thought through all elements of the bag, as every part is customizable – from the adjustable and removable shoulder strap, to smaller elements, such as loops on the bag which allow it to be clipped to a waist belt. The BX2 Xtreme Foam is what keeps the camera safe and secure, and we felt better knowing how cushioned our expensive DSLR is with it.

The camera bag packs in a variety of pockets which are useful for storing extra SD cards and chargers, and it has enough room for extra batteries, as well as even room for a notebook and phone. The inside main pocket features a removable divider to allow for optimal camera positioning, and to fit different sizes of cameras. That said, we weren’t keen on having the camera lens point downwards.

Another cool aspect of the bag is that the the material used on the bag allows the camera to stay cool in direct sunlight. Also, the bag is  labelled as water resistant, but sadly Brenthaven doesn’t clarify to what extent.


Brenthaven’s BX2 Holster DSLR camera bag is great for keeping your camera secure, without taking up too much bulk. We also love how much storage space it provides for additional accessories, and that it’s made of tough high quality materials. You can pick it up for $49.99.

Buy it!

The Good: Rugged, durable, camera is extremely protected, provides lots of storage, comes with lifetime guarantee, good pricing, size is not too bulky

The Bad: The bag could have been ‘prettier’, only room for one lens