7 Cases To Cover Up the Gold iPhone 5s

If you were one of the few lucky enough to score the elusive gold colored iPhone, then of course you need to protect it with a case!  Luckily it is an S year for iPhones, so good news! You don’t actually need to buy a new case this time. But, hey, where’s the fun in that? Any excuse is a good one when it comes to new accessories, so ring in your new iPhone 5s purchase with a brand new case.

For everyone else, we will whet your appetite while you wait for your iPhone 5s to, you know, actually arrive, assuming you didn’t hit the Apple store lines a day early. Here are the earliest iPhone 5s cases that are really also iPhone 5 cases coming at you in the 5s’ golden wake.


Speck CandyShell

Smartphones need to step up their game every year. Same with cases, as it turns out. Speck has always been known for the CandyShell cases, which feature a hard exterior around a soft, shock-absorbing inner layer. For the 5s, they’re introducing full frontal protection. The CandyShell + Faceplate is the classic CandyShell case combined with a hard cover with a transparent screen protector. And, of course, holes are provided for the speakers and the home button. The new Speck CandyShell + Faceplate combo is available now for $45.




M-Edge Trina Turk Echo

Some of the designs that make up Trina Turk’s iPhone 5C line of cases are now available for the iPhone 5S. Her M-Edge line is also a dual-layer case with a hard exterior and a soft interior, and adds some new designs to the mix. If you’re going to offend the top guys at Apple and cover up their ‘beautiful’ design, these cases are pretty solid choices. The M-Edge Trina Turk iPhone 5/5S cases are available now for about $40.



Sena Metallic Ultra Thin Snap-On

The Sena Metallic Ultra Thin Snap-On cases bring luxury to the world of snap-on cases, with full-grain leather on the backside. The whole case stays very light and thin, adding little to the profile of the iPhone 5S (or 5). They come in six two-color combinations, mixing up the color of the leather and the cover on the bezels. The professional choice. The Sena Metallic Ultra Thin Snap-On cases are going for $30 as a special pre-order price.



Kensington Gel Case for iPhone 5/5S – Clear

But, maybe you really are buying the iPhone 5S for its looks. In that case, you can still keep it safe with the Kensington Gel Case, a soft silicone form-fitting case. You can get a completely transparent version of this case, so your gold, silver, or black (sorry, space grey) can shine through without getting all scratched up. And, the soft gel design will make your new phone a whole lot more comfortable to hold. The Kensington Gel Case for iPhone 5/5S is available now, and is one of the cheaper options out there at $20.



Case Mate Glam Prints

Case Mate’s Glam Prints cases go where no major case designer has ever gone before – glitter. No, it won’t get all over your clothes, but it will manage to be even shinier than the gold iPhone 5S itself. The cases come in two different designs, and are made up of a hard outside with a soft, cushioned interior that will protect your new treasure (until it gets replaced by the next new treasure). Glitter isn’t cheap, though – the Case Mate Glam Prints cases will run you $50 each.



Slick Wraps Case Glow Series

There are a lot of cases out there less flashy than the gold iPhone 5S. The Slick Wraps Case Glow Series does the exact opposite. These rubber cases glow in the dark after a few minutes of charging in the light, so that makes them your go-to clubbing cases, too. Frontal protection comes in the form of removable inserts and a raised bezel to protect the screen from damage. Making the iPhone 5S your own personal, high-priced glow stick will run you $35.



Cygnett Workmate Utility

Finally, we have the Cygnett Workmate Utility Case, an iPhone 5S case that was – you’re not going to believe this – actually designed to protect your phone, first and foremost. It’s a stocky case made of thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate, thermoplastic elastomer, along with a PET screen cover. The result is a hardy rubber case that offers protection on all sides. With raised edges, the screen is protected, too. You can tell just from looking at this case that it will probably do a good job of helping your iPhone 5S outlive its contract, but if there was any lingering doubt, Cygnett went and did urban drop tests with it by dropping phones from moving skateboards. Even the ports are protected with rubber coverings, but your fancy new fingerprint scanner on the home button will still be within reach. The Cygnett Workmate Utility iPhone 5S case looks like it’s setting the bar for iPhone 5S protection, and comes in at $40.

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