Will the REAL Gold iPhone 5s Please Stand Up!

gold iPhone 5S

So, there’s a gold iPhone 5s. Oh no, I don’t mean the one you can buy from the Apple Store in a couple days. No, it looks like someone was struck with inspiration when they saw Apple’s new color choice, and really decided to give the iPhone 5s the Midas touch.

Goldgenie is peddling pre-orders for a real gold iPhone 5s. You can get Apple’s latest creation in 24 karat gold, or rose gold or platinum, if you want to step your luxury game up even more. If being safe in the knowledge that you’re not a gold poseur is enough for you, you can just stop there. If not, you can have them throw some Swarovski crystals onto the top of the phone, the Apple logo, and the bezel. And, why not? Truth be told, there isn’t a huge relative price difference between getting them and not.

Taking the gold iPhone 5s concept all the way will run you £2,137/$2,820 for the basic gold 16 GB iPhone 5s. The price heads up from there if you upgrade to rose gold or platinum or increase the amount of internal storage you want. The price goes all the way up to the crown jewel of the iPhone 5s world – the 64 GB platinum iPhone 5S with Swarovski crystals everywhere they can be reasonably stashed without making it look like a hunk of bling, which boasts an asking price of £3130.98/$4,144.63. And, bonus handmade cherry oak box with every purchase!


  1. Apple’s gold iphone 5s will drive all of these insanely-expensive gold iphone makers out of business…