Is the iPhone 5s Camera Really Better Than the iPhone 5 Camera?

The iPhone 5s has finally arrived, and at this point, we’ve heard it talked about ad nauseum. That said, after spending a few days with the device, we’re going to share some of our real world first impressions.

First impressions

  • The fingerprint reader works with Microsoft Exchange pass codes. W00t! This convenience alone makes the purchase worth it for corporate email users.
  • Call quality is improved over the iPhone 5 – callers sound clearer and they have said the same of us.
  • Along those lines, the speakerphone is also louder and more powerful. We can even walk around a room with the 5s placed in a pants pocket, while having a conversation!
  • Burst mode is pretty neat, but considering it has long been available on so many Android phones, it’s hardly a break through.
  • The gray (black) model seems less prone to scratches and scuffs than the previous black iPhone 5 was.
  • Is the 5s camera that much better? So far we can hardly recognize much of a difference between the 5 and 5s with photos taken in the daylight, but night shots and shots taken with a flash are clearly an improvement over its predecessor, with less graininess and better flash performance. Check out the images below for some side by side comparison shots of photos taken on the iPhone 5 vs photos taken on the iPhone 5s.
  • General performance does feel a little peppier on the 5s – but that isn’t to say that the 5 ever felt slow.
  • Battery life is a smidgen better than the 5, but you’re still going to need to carry around a battery pack to make it through all day and into the evening.


Using the fingerprint scanner is actually cooler than we thought it would be. How did we ever live without it? Damn you, Apple! On the other hand, battery life is still disappointing. Damn you, Apple – again! That said, iPhone 5 users need not apply for this upgrade. As a matter of fact, a 5 user might feel cheated laying out the extra cash for such minuet upgrades. But for 4S, 4 and other users, the 5s is a pretty monumental upgrade experience.