iRecorder is the Modern Day Fisher Price Tape Recorder

tapeDon’t just go back to the days of tape recorders. Go back to the days of those Fisher-Price tape recorders that were in your Kindergarten classroom, because that’s what the iRecorder is going for.

But, instead of gnawing on old Raffi tapes, this one just acts as a speaker dock for your iPhone, which is big enough to accommodate an iPhone 5. Hey, who knows, maybe it’ll still be like old times, and this thing will eat your iPhone, too. If it doesn’t, it will at least give your phone for some extra volume. Oh, and those buttons aren’t just for show – they’re actual buttons that can control the volume and the music coming from your phone, with fast forward and rewind acting as track forward and track back. It can run off a Micro USB cord, but if you want to go mobile, you have to go old school once again, and grab yourself three AA batteries (which aren’t included – feel the nostalgia!).

The iRecorder is on ThumbsUp! UK right now, so you might be seeing it on novelty sites soon.

1358_IMG_3341 1358_iRecorder Side Image (lifestyle)