Seagate Rescue and Replace is Insurance for Your Hard Drive

screenshot_1593Introducing data insurance. That’s not what Seagate is calling it, but that’s pretty much what it is – coverage for data recovery services and a replacement hard drive should you accidentally drop your external one time too many.

Seagate’s Rescue and Replace plans will cover internal and external hard drives from most brands, should they stop working for any reason. You’ll be able to get a new hard drive and have technicians recover all the data they can off your broken hard drive, neither of which are usually cheap to get. So, if you know you’re notoriously bad at keeping your files saved in two different locations, this might not be a bad deal. Those who use external hard drives as auxiliary drives to avoid loading up their computer’s hard drive should especially take note.

A Seagate Rescue and Replace plan can be purchased in two, three, or four year chunks for $40, $50, and $60, respectively. There’s also a Seagate Rescue plan that won’t provide you with a replacement drive, which costs $30, $40, or $50 for the same amounts of time. It’s an affordable way to avoid the gut punch of losing all your pictures and music in one fell swoop, especially considering data recovery on its own can usually cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.


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