Sony SHAKE-5 Will Rattle Your Home with 2400 Watts of Sound

SHAKE-5_PurplelightNeed a set of party speakers? Look no further. The Sony SHAKE-5 is looking to bring the sights and sounds of the club into your home. Sucks for the neighbors.

SHAKE-5 is a pair of very powerful speakers with a central control unit. The speakers together offer up 2400 watts of power, and each tower has separate tweeters, woofers, and sub-woofers for balanced sound. Well, somewhat balanced. The SHAKE-5 is definitely going to be bass heavy, with a focus on faithfully reproducing all the club hits that are necessary for any party. There’s even a Bass Bazuca button, and I’ll bet you can guess what that does – bass, and a lot more of it. And, feel free to turn it up – Mica Reinforced Cellular cones on the speakers cut down on distortion, even at max volume.

Getting the music onto the SHAKE-5 is easy enough, thanks to Bluetooth and NFC support. The speakers also come with an LED display right on the speakers, which changes and flashes different colors along to the music. There are also dual USB ports, so you can move music from one device to another on the fly. The benefit of that is that while you’re using the SHAKE-5 to transfer music, you can up the bit rate when you’re recording music via USB.

So, there you have it – essential party speakers. The only way they could have been better is if they came with a built-in fog machine. Unfortunately, no word on pricing or availability just yet.

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