Before You Buy a Workstation PC, Read This


The Benetton Group runs several fashion retail stores, most notably the United Colors of Benetton. But, that’s just the facade – behind it, the Benetton Group needs to manage every part of the fashion industry for their company – design, manufacturing, production, distribution, sales, and customer feedback, which leads all the way back into design again. That’s a lot of processes and a lot of people to manage – a lot can go wrong along the way.

So, it’s nice to be able to use one unified system that gives management an overview of all processes, and how they work with each other, so they can make things more efficient and faster as the market demands. That’s why the Benetton Group will be using Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform, an all-in-one software suite that can handle everything from numbers analysis to 3D models for fashion design. But, that’s a hefty program – it’s going to need some serious hardware to run it.

And really, hardware is where it all comes together. Good software paired with out-of-date hardware means that your team is still going to be suffering from crippling amounts of downtime – time wasted, and time your competitors are using to get ahead. To find the best hardware for your business, you might not need to look further than Dell. Dell workstations have dozens of ISV certifications and top-of-the-line specifications that can render complex 3D graphics in just seconds, dramatically cutting down on downtime and increasing productivity.

Dell Precision M6800 mobile workstation

You have choices. The Dell Precision M3800 has the look of an ultrabook, but carries the power you need to get work done on the go. Despite being just 18 mm thick and just over four pounds, the M3800 features a 4th generation Intel i7 core processor (OK, par for the course) and, more impressively, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, built for professionals. And, you’ll be seeing any 3D models you’ll be rendering with crystal clarity on a multi-touch QHD+ 3200 x 1800 resolution display, exceeding the best Retina display on the market.

MaxPNG (1)

The M4800 and M6800 workstations are even more adept. The 15.6” M4800 features the same QHD+ display as the M3800, and both feature 16 GB of 1866 MHz RAM, 4th generation Intel core processors, and AMD FirePro and 8 GB NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics. And, for the most intense scientific and engineering jobs, there are Dell’s tower offerings, which feature PCIe SSDs for lightning-fast storage and Intel Xeon processors. The T1700 keeps all that power in a small frame, while the high-powered T7610 holds nothing back – 512 GB of memory, a PCIe SSD, and the capacity to run three top-of-the-line graphics processors, including two NVIDIA Quadro K6000 processors. And, on all of those, you’ll have the option of running Windows 8 Pro.

That’s a lot of power, so you can bet that Dell’s new line of workstations will run just about anything from any independent software vendor. But, businesses don’t like inefficiency. That’s why Dell partners with industries such as engineering, design, video editing, and architecture to get ISVs to certify each of their new workstations. Before you make the jump to Dell, you can review their certifications and make sure your new hardware can run exactly the kind of software you need, with no lingering doubts. You’ll be able to draw up your business’ plans for the future, including new hardware and software, before your new machines even arrive – just like the Benetton Group has been able to do with every aspect of their business.

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