Griffin Chilewich Textile Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

Griffin Chilewich: industrial chic. The textile designer Chilewich has teamed up with Griffin on iPhone 5/5S to deliver yet another batch of beautiful iPhone cases. These unique cases feature a woven vinyl back that’s rugged and ultra-stylish

Other than the woven vinyl, the Chilewich case is a basic snap-on case, but just the way we like it. The impact-resistant polycarbonate casing is thick but flexible. It exceeds iPhone’s face just enough to provide some drop protection. There are large open cutouts that make iPhone’s ports and buttons a breeze to access. Any headphones and chargers will fit, though some docks may not work since Chilewich adds some thickness to the back of iPhone.

In hand, the Chilewich is really comfortable. It adds some heft to iPhone, but it’s plenty grippy and still surprisingly smooth. It’s a rugged case, but the rugged appearance will depend on the color you choose.

The woven vinyl textile on the back is a really neat addition to see on iPhone. In Chilewich grey, iPhone looks like it’s wearing medieval armor. The grey color varies slightly in vertical weave. The other available colors are much brighter and offer a completely different experience; they’re much more vibrant and fun looking. Like the grey, the colors in each textile vary slightly, creating a really neat effect. The grey vinyl is the only Chilewich case that’s based on a black case; the other colors are set on a white case.

Your iPhone 5/5S deserves protection and a distinguished appearance. With Griffin’s Chilewich, you can take a more rugged looking approach with grey on black, or take a much more vibrant approach with confetti, pink, or turquoise. At $39.99 it’s on the pricey side of iPhone cases, however, it is a designer case. It’s only available from GriffinTechnology.com; we imagine once it hits Amazon it will be at a more affordable price point.

The Good: Great appearance, Solid grip, Comfortable to hold, Easy access to ports, Decent protection, Different colors
The Bad: Pricier than average, A bit heavy