Boil the iKettle with Your iPhone, Just Don’t Forget the Water

p6068_column_grid_12If you’ve ever wanted your kettle to communicate with you in a decidedly British manner, that is the world we now live in. Oh, also, you can control it with your smartphone. That’s the other bonus.

The iKettle boils water, as you might have guessed. It can also be controlled from a smartphone, as the ‘i’ suggests. So, where does the British part come in? You can set an alarm on the app, which will wake you up with a chime and a message from the app, asking “Would you like me to pop the kettle on?” You can imagine Hugh Grant’s voice saying it in your head, if that helps.

And, like a proper kettle, this one has different temperature settings so you don’t scald the taste out of your black tea. For safety, it shuts off automatically after water has been brought to a boil. Also, the iKettle connects to your phone via Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth.

You can use the iKettle with any iOS or Android device. You can have the most dignified kettle this side of the Atlantic for about $160, plus shipping.