MTV Artists App Aims To Be a Hipper SoundCloud


MTV sees VH1’s new app and raises them MTV Artists, a new app that focuses on helping you find new music and get connected to the artists who make it.

MTV Artists starts with its take on music discovery. For this app, that means much more in-the-moment kind of stuff, rather than being a music recommendation engine. There’s a built-in song identifier if you can’t figure out what you’re listening to. There’s also lyrics search, which works in both directions – you can look up song lyrics, or use song lyrics to search for the title and artist of an unfamiliar (or familiar, but can’t quite place it) song. A huge database of artists, with information and discographies, is also at your disposal.

MTV is also parlaying its extensive stable of old footage from the world of music. That doesn’t exactly mean music videos – more like the big moments that happened off the stage. Old interviews, events, and reports that have gone down on MTV in the past can now be searched through and watched on the app.

In the future, the app will also feature exclusive content from artists and from MTV, and if that’s not enough, you can easily use the app to follow your favorite artists’ social media pages. Concert tickets, songs, and albums can be searched for and purchased, as well.

The MTV Artists app is, at least for now, an iOS exclusive, and it’s on the iTunes App Store now for free.

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