Nokia Unleashes 6 New Devices For All Size Hands


At an event in Abu Dhabi earlier this week, Nokia, soon to be gobbled up by Microsoft, unveiled six new devices that are likely to be among the last independently released devices ahead of the closing of the sale of the company early next year. The slate includes five new phones and, for the first time, a Windows 8 Nokia tablet.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 would be the tablet (you can tell because it has the biggest number). And, make no mistake – it’s here to compete. The Lumia 2520 has a 10” 1080p IPS display, and runs Windows RT 8.1 on a quad-core 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. There’s a huge 8,000 mAh battery inside, which, according to Nokia, can be 80% charged within one hour. On the back, there’s a 6.7 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. And, there will be a 4G LTE version available, although which carriers will and won’t get it is still to be announced. There’s also the optional Nokia Power Keyboard, which also acts as a dock, providing five extra hours of battery life and two USB ports. You’ll also get 64 GB worth of SkyDrive storage with your purchase.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is Nokia’s formal entry into the high-end 6” class of smartphones. It, too, will have a 1080p display, along with Windows Phone 8 running on the same Qualcomm processor that’s in the 2520. Prominent is the 20 MP PureView camera on the back, which will have optical image stabilization. You get Microsoft Office along with purchase, which means you can sync files with your computer. It also means you get all of the business-friendly parts of Office, like Exchange ActiveSync and Lync. There’s a 3,400 mAh battery that should provide about 25 hours of talk time, and you can expect LTE and NFC capabilities. You’ll also get 32 GB of storage, along with a MicroSD card slot that is good for another 64 GB. The Lumia 1320, meanwhile, is a scaled down, mid-range 6” phone, which most notably lacks the PureView camera. All of the above will be every bit as flashy and colorful as the rest of the Lumia line has been.

The other three new phones are from Nokia’s low-cost Asha line, which features the presence of 3G connectivity. That’s a first for Asha phones, which are directed more towards developing markets. The Asha phones – the 500, 502, and 503 – do not run Windows Phone 8, but that doesn’t mean they’re bereft of apps. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp, among others, have apps for Asha phones. The 502 is a dual-SIM phone, while the 503 has up to 3.5G connectivity. They all come in bright colors and transparent, boxy protective cases.

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On the app side of things, Nokia also announced that an Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 is finally forthcoming. One of the biggest barriers to Windows Phone becoming successful in the smartphone game is the grievous lack of apps in development for the system, when compared to iOS or Android. The raw numbers probably don’t matter much, but the fact that Windows Phone 8 lacks marquee apps like Instagram represents a pretty big blow to potential sales. Instagram won’t solve that problem by itself, but it might be something to suggest that WP8 is slowly gaining momentum.

In the United States, AT&T will carry the Nokia Lumia 1520. The unsubsidized price will be $750, but we don’t yet know what the subsidized, sticker price will be. Carrier and pricing information for the Nokia Lumia 2520 hasn’t been officially announced yet, either.

Image Credit: Nokia Facebook

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  1. They look like giant iPhone 5Cs.

    Nokia’s design language is definitely starting to pay off and win over good portion of users at least in the US!

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