Olympic Athletes’ Hub App Makes it Easy to Stalk All of Your Fav Olympians


We’re 100 days out from the opening of the Winter Games in Sochi, and that means it’s time for the young athletes from all the world over to get well and truly famous well in advance of showing off what they can do on the big stage.

The Olympics Athletes’ Hub app is now out for iOS and Android, and is your one-stop shop for the social media feeds of all the athletes heading to the Sochi games. And, in theory, we do mean all of them. Each athlete scores a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the app installed, so they can share their pre-Olympics lives with the world. The hub aggregates all of the athletes’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds into one place, and you at home can search for them by country or event.

Over 5,000 of the Sochi athletes are already signed up and using the hub, and more figure to join the sharing train as we get closer to the games. Since there are so many, the app also has a special ‘best of’ section, so you can just peruse the day’s most popular posts. And, you can go for the considerably less prestigious gold medal in social media participation – you can unlock badges, medals, and training tips by liking as many posts as possible.

The Olympics Athletes’ Hub app is available now for free for iOS and Android.

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