Pioneer’s DDJ-SX-N Controller is Golden

DDJ-SX-N_top-800x400If you’re going to make it in the world of DJs, you’re going to have to be flashy. A golden controller helps with that.

Pioneer has announced a brand new limited edition of their DDJ-SX controller, the gold-colored DDJ-SX-N. The controller eschews the old style of turntables for a completely digital approach. It has two decks, so you can control two tracks at the same time. There are tons of ways you can mix those two tracks, and Pioneer has made doing that pretty simple with the DDJ-SX-N. On each deck, there are eight ‘performance pads’ – basically, buttons that instantly execute hot cue, roll, slicer, and sampler commands. The strength of each effect can be controlled by how hard you press the button.

The two jog wheels taking the place of the turntables are built to provide a fair amount of resistance, while still being responsive when you want to use them for scratching or mixing. Those jog wheels also enjoy a style boost from the brushed aluminum finish on top.

The DDJ-SX-N has a four-channel mixer, meaning you can hook up external equipment to your controller to input more music. You can also create improved transitions using Slip Mode. With Slip Mode, a track will continue playing silently in the background while you execute loops, scratches, or hot cues, and will pick up again once you’re done.

The DDJ-SX-N is a solid, streamlined approach to being a digital DJ, and hey, it’s gold-colored. Nothing like shiny things to grab attention at parties, right? You’ll be able to find the Pioneer DDJ-SX-N at Guitar Center for $1,200, so you’ll have to pay a $200 premium for the gold color over the regular black version.