Queen Latifah Talks to the Queen Behind Siri: Susan Bennett

It’s not Barbara Walters who is getting an exclusive 1 on 1 interview with Susan Bennett (the voice of Siri). But  it’s Queen Latifah! Pretty surprisingly, not Ellen, nor Oprah could score this interview. So maybe we really should bow down to the queen! In any case, Bennett recently chose to step into the spotlight after a claim was made that someone else had voiced Siri. Next to Dan Castellaneta’s Homer – Susan Bennett’s Siri may be closing in on the most famous and beloved voice ever.

It turns out that recordings for Siri started back in 2005 – way before there was ever any mention of a ‘voice’ coming to the iPhone. Wow, we miss that kind of forward thinking from Apple…

During her appearance on Queen Latifah’s show, Susan Bennett will share her experience making the recordings, as well as how life has changed since revealing herself to the world. You can check out the sneak peek of the interview, and watch the whole session tomorrow (check your local listings), as Siri; excuse us – Susan Bennett, is sure to dish on things even Siri can’t understand.