This 3D Printed Diamond Ring is Crazy Realistic


It looks like 3D printing has now entered into the world of jewelry, and we aren’t talking about little plastic trinkets either. No, this 3D printing involves gold, diamonds, and pearls. Doesn’t that sound like a Prince song? Visitors to American Pearl will be given the ability to create, customize and design their very own ring to compliment either a pearl or a diamond. Once you complete your design and purchase it, your ring will be printed to a Solidscape T76 printer. The 3D mold is printed and then taken to a casting facility for the metal of your choice to be poured over it.

Once everything is formed over the 3D mold, it is then buffed, polished, and the gem is inserted into the ring-setting.

We got a chance to see it in person and what these molds look like before and after. It is quite unbelievable to think how far 3D printing has already come and that the jewelry industry is adapting to it so quickly. Check out the photos below to see just how good these 3D printed rings look.


image (5)

image (4)