AT&T’s CLP99383 Marries Your Landline and Cell Phone

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Telephony is changing. That’s not really much of a statement anymore – it’s well known that landlines are getting pushed out by mobiles, and that the completion of the transition is only a matter of time. That said, there is one advantage landlines still have – you can field calls from any room that has a handset.

Well, yeah, but your mobile phone is always with you, so what’s the difference? The difference is that sometime or other, that  mobile phone is going to need to be tethered to the wall to charge. Or, maybe (for a change) you’d actually like to be free of your mobile phone or a little while. If either one is the case, AT&T has an interesting solution you might want to check out – the CLP99383 Three Handset Connect to Cell Answering System.

The CLP99383 looks like a set of landline phones, but looks can be deceiving. Using the system, you can put the three handsets in different rooms, then link your mobile phone to the CLP99383 system over Bluetooth using Connect to Cell technology. When a call comes in on your mobile, it’ll ring on all three handsets, so you can answer from wherever is convenient for you. You’ll also receive caller ID notifications and, for Android phones, text, e-mail, and social media notifications on all handsets. You can even get notifications and reminders from your calendar on each handset. The handsets can also hold up to 6,000 contacts.

This isn’t just for one person, though – two mobile phones and one landline can be connected to the CLP99383 system at once. You can make or receive calls on any of those lines, making it a perfect home or office companion. A USB port on the CLP99383 central unit will let you charge a mobile phone, while the extra handsets will ensure that you’re never too far away to answer an incoming call. That means at the office, you can make sure you and your co-workers never experience a drop in productivity just because of a dead or dying phone. And, for tight, every-second-counts projects, you can be sure that any member of the team can pick up that crucial call ASAP, regardless of where their mobile phone happens to be. Have a big office? You can always add more handsets to the system, if you need to.

The CLP99383 is available now from AT&T. If you’re interested in bringing all the advantages of a landline to your mobile phone in your home or office, give it a look.


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