The Bag Redefines How You Schlep Around Your Tech Gear

b15Giving your new creation the name “The Bag” seems like an awfully bold move. Normincies, a new brand of laptop bag coming out of Finland, think that they’ve made something worthy of the title – a professional-looking leather bag with a sturdy, aluminum frame.


That aluminum frame, plus the plastic feet on the underside, are what sets these bags apart. The Bag is setting out to address a very specific problem for a very specific subset of people – anyone who is annoyed to the point of frustration at their current laptop bag falling over incessantly, despite earnest attempts to make it stand upright. If that resonates with you, The Bag should be your bag. It also helps that the zippers are waterproof, keeping your laptop and other valuables dry in case of an unexpected downpour.

In practice, The Bag almost looks more like a neo-briefcase, although there is an elastic strap you can use to wear it over your shoulder. Depending on which one you get, The Bag can cost anywhere between €475 and €495, or $645 and $672.

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