Barbie Digital Makeover Review

At some point most little girls are going to want to play with their mom’s makeup, sometimes making quite a mess. The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror makes it easy and fun for your daughter to test out thousands of makeup combinations, without all that mess.

Setup is fairly straightforward. First you’ll need to download the free app onto your iPad. Then two pieces – the “mirror” and the base, click together. Finally slide the iPad into place, but do this carefully, because there is potential to scratch your screen. Make sure you have Bluetooth switched on and they should pair up quickly. Then all you have to do is hold up the applicator wand and once its recognized, you’re ready to start!

By touching the different colors on the base with the applicator you change the color of makeup that will be applied. On the iPad screen you can choose different types of makeup too: eyeshadow, mascara, blush, lipstick, etc. The face tracking technology works pretty well, and as long as you are in a well lit room, kids may even forget that they’re applying “virtual” makeup.

In addition to the makeup, you can also add accessories like glasses, earrings, etc. And of course you can take a picture and then save it with a variety of frames.

There is also an additional adapter so you can use an iPad mini as the virtual mirror. It works just fine, though it leaves an gap around the top of the screen. You’ll also need to supply 3 AA batteries.


This is actually a really clever idea and we had a lot of fun reviewing it, your daughter will be sure to have a blast playing with it. And its a lot less messy than letting her run wild in your make up drawer. Now you need to decide would you rather have your daughter playing with your expensive makeup, or your expensive iPad?

Although it’s retail price is $69, Barbie Digital Makeover can be purchased on Amazon for as low as $48.99.

The Good: Lots of fun. No cleanup.

The Bad: iPad mini adapter could be better.

Buy it!