Feeling Like You Need a Personal Assistant? Let Cozi Handle the Holiday Cards

2Contacts_HolidayCards What’s your favorite part of the holiday season? Unwrapping presents? Maybe just a favorite for the kids. Baking cookies? Fun for the whole family, with delicious results. Parties? Enough said.

Least favorite part? Sadly, the holiday spirit doesn’t permeate all things. Some parts of the season are just chores, and according to a survey from Cozi, an app that acts as a life planner for whole families, sending out greeting cards is at the top of the naughty list for families this year. 51 percent of those surveyed seemed to think sending out all those cards was not very fun at all. Who can blame them? With some families sending out over 100 cards, the tedium can set in pretty fast. Holiday dreams are supposed to be graced with sugar plums, not haunted by sticky labels and stamps.


This holiday season, Cozi is here to help. They’re introducing Cozi Contacts to their premium service, Cozi Gold. Cozi Contacts is an address book, but it’s a little more than that. You can think of it as your holiday card organizer, helping you keep track of your missives every step of the way. You can sync external address books to CoziContacts and put in manual entries for all those contacts still committed to pen and paper somewhere.

After that, Cozi does what it does best – keep things organized. Once you have all those contacts, you can mark them off once you’ve sent their cards, so you don’t commit the mortifying social faux pas of mailing two cards to the same family. You’ll also be able to see timestamps on each contact, so you can keep track of which addresses have become out-of-date in the future. Then, there’s possibly the best part – labels. The headache of labels can be solved by exporting files straight from Cozi to your email inbox. You’ll have a sheet of labels you can print easily, straight from the app, in seconds – all the more time to bake those cookies.

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Of course, contacts isn’t the only thing Cozi can do. There’s a family calendar that can be color-coded for each person in the family, with a separate color for whole-family activities. The basics like reminders and notifications are there, along with other unique features like weekly agendas that can be emailed to all family members. Shopping lists and to-do lists can be created and edited by all members of the family, and there’s a family journal where everyone can save photos and stories of family memories.

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