Incipio Stashback Case for iPhone 5s Review

If you are looking to minimize the number of items you are carrying in your purse, take a look at the Stashback case from Incipio. Released last year for the iPhone 5, it has been refreshed for the 5s with an additional 4 colors, bringing the total to 9.

The case is made from Plextonium, Incipio’s proprietary blend of Polycarbonate that they use in many, if not most of their cases. It does feel good to hold, strong yet light. Unfortunately, it is also a bit slippery, which is nice for sliding in and out of a coat pocket, but not so good if you don’t keep a good grip on the phone. However, should it slip from your hands, your phone should be well protected in this case.

The softer material that covers the inside of the case extends a bit on the front, offering excellent screen protection by keeping it elevated millimeter or so. The volume and power buttons are covered too, making them easier to press. The headphone and lightning port are open and easily accessible.

The main feature of this case of course, is the hidden compartment where you can store up to 3 credit cards/IDs. This is very handy for carrying your credit card and license, possibly eliminating the need to carry a separate wallet. The cards will slide out very easily, especially if there are only 2. Again, this is great for getting your cards out quickly, not so good if you accidentally pop the compartment open. I avoided this by adding in a $20 bill, this kept everything just a little more snug.

You may be concerned about the back of your phone getting scratched by inserting and removing the cards again and again. Incipio has you covered, literally. In the vanity kit they’ve included a clear plastic protector for the back of your phone, so you have nothing to worry about. They also throw in a screen protector and a cleaning cloth to keep your phone looking good.

An added benefit of this enclosure is that, when opened, the lower section of the phone is unobstructed for docking. Although, it will depend greatly on the kind of dock that you use and it may also be an annoyance to have your cards fall out every time you dock your phone.


This is a well built case that offers great protection. The ability to stash a few cards in the back is a very convenient, practical idea that works. You can order one right now from Incipio for $39.99.

The Good: Sleek storage compartment. Great protection. Dockable.

The Bad: A bit slippery.