Kanex SimpleDock is the Missing Dock for the MacBook Pro and iPhone

simpledock_top_wiredA lot of people weren’t thrilled way back (all the way back to last year) when Apple removed the ethernet port from the MacBook Pro. Of course, there have always been adapters, but those just hog Thunderbolt or USB ports. The Kanex simpleDock, on the other hand, looks like the ultimate solution to the problem, giving you multiple USB ports, plus Gigabit ethernet, all in one peripheral.

The simpleDock needs its own power from an outlet, but it’s well worth it. It provides three USB 3.0 ports, plus an extra USB port dedicated to charging your iPhone. There’s also a Micro USB port and Gigabit ethernet, making it a perfect charging station/USB hub combo for those who have gone all-in with Apple. And (you probably expected this part), the simpleDock has very much been designed to fit the ‘Apple aesthetic.’ It’s made of a zinc alloy, and has the same kind of minimalist, brushed metal look that you find in the MacBook line.

The Kanex simpleDock can be pre-ordered now for £99, or about $159. It’s scheduled to ship on November 22.