Monster GO-DJ is First True Example of Swizz Beatz Partnership

Swizz Beats holding the Monster DJ-Go
Swizz Beatz holding the Monster GO-DJ
Image Credit: Monster Product Facebook

Well, it looks like we are starting to see the fruits of Swizz Beatz’s partnership with Monster. The famed DJ and music producer is definitely behind the latest offering from the Monster brand; the Monster GO-DJ. This portable DJ and music production machine means you can spin and produce music anywhere, at any time.

The Monster GO-DJ will free you from Laptops and traditional turntables. For both amateurs and professional DJ’s this new device will quickly become a serious piece of equipment in your home as well as on the road. In fact, you’ll absolutely want to take this with you as the holiday season approaches. It will make you the center of attraction or at least wake everyone up from their carb-coma.


The Monster GO-DJ really has everything you will need to seriously mix and spin on the go: A crossfader, dual touch-panel LCD screens, hardware knobs, and a line-in 1/8” headphone jack for external audio sources. Lastly there are 24 sample sounds and a 16-beat step sequencer. That is a whole lot of goodies packed into a tiny machine!

Image Credit: Monster Products Facebook

The Monster GO-DJ will set you back $599.95 and you’ll be able to share the tunes you produce on www.monstergodj.com .Now that may sound like a lot of money, but considering what you get in such a small and unique device, the pricing is actually quite on-par. Get your fingers ready to spin!