MuseMini ClipR Gives Your Headphones and Speakers an NFC Upgrade

cliprClipR is a new device that should help you prolong the life of your wired earphones and headphones, if you’re lucky enough to have a pair that actually last for an appreciable amount of time. Instead of jumping ship to a set of wireless headphones, you can grab this tiny device, which acts as a Bluetooth/NFC dongle that can be paired with your mobile devices.

ClipR is, as its name suggests, small enough to be comfortably clipped on to clothing. It’s also simple to use – just plug the 3.5 mm jack into the ClipR, and pair the device with your media player of choice over Bluetooth or NFC. A microphone with echo cancellation makes taking calls possible, and an eight-hour battery life should survive a day’s work. And, because it’s billed as a mobile-friendly device, the ClipR has a rugged build that is weather-resistant.

The ClipR officially becomes available tomorrow at the price of $40. You can get it in black, yellow, blue, pink, or green.