6 Golden Accessories for the Gold iPhone 5s

If you were among the lucky ones to snag a Gold iPhone 5S then you might be looking for a few accessories to go along with it this holiday season. Many of us buy cases to put on our phones to protect them, and have a little fun personalizing with colors or patterns. But a Gold iPhone? That just speaks for itself. It says classic, luxury, and distinctive.

Whether you own a Gold iPhone 5s or you’re shopping for someone who does, here are 6 accessories we found that perfectly complement the style and meticulous design of the iPhone.


Parrot Zik headphones-yellow-gold

Parrot Zik Headphones

I loved the original Parrot Zik wireless headphones the minute I tried them on. Now, Parrot has introduced a new Gold collection so you can rock this look in matchy-matchy style. The white/yellow gold color is a perfect accompaniment for your Gold iPhone, but the white/rose gold model sure is tempting too. The ear cups themselves are white, as is the soft, flexible headband. The gold accentuates the cups and extends to connect them to the band. There’s active noise control to drown out background noise and an app to help you find your perfect sound.

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Michael Kors Multifunction iPhone 5s

You need options for carrying and protecting your new iPhone. You wouldn’t want to put a big, clunky case on the back of your shiny, new phone would you? One that covers up all that dazzling brilliance? Whether you’re headed out for a night with your sweetie or just an afternoon of shopping, slip it into this gold Michael Kors case for fashionable functionality.
There’s a little compartment inside that nestles your phone, with plenty of room on either side for credit cards, cash and even a lipstick and keys. Perfect for a night on the town or a holiday party.

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Devin Bracelet

You’re going to need some pretty fancy bling to match that Gold iPhone, no ordinary bracelet will do. Franklin’s Devin smart bracelet slips on your wrist like a cuff, and hides all its fancy technology under a band of black and gold.

Devin is a Bluetooth-connected bracelet that has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. When someone calls your cell, your bracelet vibrates, and displays the caller ID on your wrist. Seriously, who wants to go digging into their bag to find their phone, only to see it’s an ex, or your dentist. If you do want to chat, there’s a built-in microphone and speaker so you can take calls ala Dick Tracy. For the forgetful, if you leave your phone behind Devin will vibrate to let you know it’s no longer connected via Bluetooth. Now that’s a smart bracelet!

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Nike+ Fuelband SE

You’re busy and active and constantly on the go. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part of a fashion icon. Nike has jumped on the gold rush bandwagon, offering a rose gold version of its popular activity tracker for a limited time this holiday season. The band itself is black, with a rose-gold-colored clasp at either end that shows off your style and fashion sense.

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Polk Buckle Polk Buckle Headphones

For over-the-ear headphone lovers, the Brown/Gold Polk Buckle headphones are fashion-first with a vintage style. I love the cozy, pivoting ear cups and lightweight headband. The brushed metal hardware and meticulous stitching complement the gold iPhone 5S.

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Gold Lightning Sync Cable

Now, you can’t have a Gold iPhone 5s without a gold lightning cable – that would be blasphemy! Luckily Woodford Design thought about this necessity and is selling a lightning cable that is gold from tip to tail. The cable appears to have a nice ribbed design and will even be sent in a very luxurious tin. But even though the gold lightning cable is sold in Europe, we can still have it shipped stateside. Thank goodness!

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