AKG K545 Over-Ear Headphone Review

AKG’s new K545 overear headphones are large and in charge. They sport mammoth 2 inch drivers and serious audio quality. It’s rare to find a big pair of headphones that sounds this good and provides all-day comfort.

The K545’s have a new-age, industrial, urban design. There’s a chic combo of clean plastic and durable aluminum. The aluminum adds a nice level of durability, while keeping the headphones lightweight. There’s a spot of blue brushed metal accent on each earcup–a snazzy touch.

K545’s are certainly large headphones, but nicely enough they’re relatively low profile. They’re wide around your ear, but don’t jut out too far from your head. They’re surprisingly comfortable and remain so for hours, a feat that most over-ears can’t pull off. The headband is made of flexible steel and is adjustable. The earcups and headband are padded with an ultra-soft leather cushion.

K545’s aren’t collapsable or foldable, instead the earcups swivel 90 degrees and turn flat. They’re not especially portable, but they’re travel-safe when folded flat.

The K545’s have the best kind of cable: it’s standard, removable, tangle-resistant, and includes a ControlTalk with microphone. There’s a 3 button cable that’s compatible with iOS products, and there’s a one button cable for compatibility with everything else. AKG also includes an adapter for 3.5mm to 6.3mm.

Large drivers don’t necessarily mean better audio quality–but with AKG it does. The K545 delivers on super premium sound quality. It’s high fidelity, very natural, and amazingly rich. Virtually everything sounds great, all types of genres and music qualities. They’re kind to your low bitrate audio and all of your music streaming apps. There’s a really nice sound stage where the vocals sit in front and instruments can generally be individually heard in great fidelity. There’s not an overwhelming amount of bass, it’s pretty balanced. The mids are detailed and the highs are crisp. There’s really just one drawback with the K545, the noise isolation is poor. In loud environments you have to crank up your music to an uncomfortable level to hear the same amount of detail. K545’s are outrageously high quality in a quiet environment. On the train, it’s hard to appreciate them as much.

AKGs K545’s are large, light, and extremely comfortable. They’re more comfortable then most, which is why they’re great while you’re doing work or studying for hours. The audio quality is rich and premium in quality. The noise isolation isn’t great, but some people prefer to be somewhat aware of their surroundings. The build and distinguished design of the K545’s should last for at least a few years. At $300, they’re not inexpensive. As long as you’re listening mostly in quiet environments, you’ll find they’re worth it. They AKG K545’s are available from Amazon.com in white or in black.

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The Good: Great appearance, Durable build, Lightweight, All-day comfort, Removable cable that’s tangle resistant and includes microphone and controls, Two cables included–one for iOS and one universal, Premium sound quality, 2 inch drivers
The Bad: No included case, No foldable or collapsable, Pricey, Poor noise isolation