Draco Ventari Ducati Case for iPhone 5 Review

Not too long ago we reviewed Iron Man’s iPhone case. It was a visual masterpiece. Since then Draco Design has managed to step up their game and deliver an even more stunning iPhone 5/5S case: The Ventare Ducati. The Ventare Ducati case was inspired by the Ducati 1199 Panigale S, one of the fastest sports bikes in existence. It’s an aircraft aluminum iPhone case that locks onto your iPhone and transforms it into a completely new device, a device that’s sportier, and with eccentric curves.

Much like the Draco Elegance iPhone case for iPhone 5/5S, the Draco Ventare Ducati case is multiple pieces that lock onto your iPhone. The Ducati Case consists of four separate sides, the right and left sides are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the top and bottom are materialized in polycarbonate. The polycarbonate helps reduce radio interference. There’s four screws to lock the case tightly around iPhone. You can get iPhone in and out with two screws removed.

On the inside of the case is shock-absorbing pads. The case is raised about 1mm from the front and rear faces of iPhone. In terms of protection, the Ventare is much better than nothing. Granted, both faces of your iPhone are exposed, but the Ventare case should take the brunt of any drop.

A neat feature, that’s also slightly annoying, is that it has button overlays for iPhone’s buttons. There’s a lock button, vibrate toggle, and volume rocker. They’re extremely comfortable and convenient to use. The reason it’s slightly annoying is that they’re not actually attached to the case, so when you remove the case from iPhone you can easily lose all of these buttons. Similarly, you can lose the little screws easily. There’s two additional screws included, just in case.

A nice improvement from the Elegance Case is that Draco packages the Ventare Ducati case with a few goodies. Most importantly, there’s a hex screwdriver that doubles as a keychain and stylus. This means your screwdriver can travel wherever your phone does. Additionally, Draco includes a Ducati adhesive badge and a lanyard, in case you want to wear your iPhone around your neck, or always maintain a good grip on it. I personally don’t trust the lanyard near my phone since it has a built-in key chain and I don’t want my iPhone getting nicked up from the metal.

Visually, the Draco Ducati case is absolutely stunning. The aluminum has a really nice matte shimmer. The grip is amazingly comfortable and ergonomic. The entire experience screams “high quality”. The silver screws add to the machined/industrial appearance. The bottom side of the case looks kind of like a car grill. There’s decent sized cutouts for your charger and headphones, though compatibility is going to vary heavily on the size of your cords.


The Draco Ventare Ducati Case for iPhone 5/5S is by all means a premium case. It’s clearly branded with a Ducati tag on the front of the case, which will be a make or break for some people. It’s beautiful and feels as great as it looks. Having your phone locked into a case gives it a much more solid feel—it doesn’t feel like a case, it feels like a new phone. With that said, it can be inconvenient to have your phone literally locked in. Tradeoffs! The Draco Ventare Ducati Case is currently available from Amazon.com for $99.99. It comes in red, white, black, gray, gold, or silver.

The Good: Colors, Premium look and feel, Great curves, Button overlays, Screwdriver keychain doubles as stylus, Includes neck lanyard and Ducati badge

The Bad: Time consuming to apply and remove, Dust gets trapped under case, Easy to lose screws and buttons upon removal